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Wuxia the fox, is not just a story of a book. This is not a simple application in an iPad. It is an adventure that can be read and lived. Yves Therrien  Journalist, La Presse / The Sun

Something to hold on to

Our story takes place in a near future. The glaciers have all melted, and machines have had to step up and take over to protect the Earth from humankind. Hardbacked, 47 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 Full Colors. 

Available in French and English

Assisting Education

& personal growth

Inspiring parents, teachers and kids to connect with nature reducing inattention helping those that need it to focus. Re-discover the power of reading books out loud, in front of a classes, at home or public spaces.

iPad companion app

The iPad app listens to spoken words and generates an amazing animated filmIn this first adventure, Wuxia meets Oremia, a young girl who has retained the ability to dream even after all the grownups lost it. Together, they set off to find the great whale whose song holds the key to help humans dream again.

How does Wuxia makes other feel?

Wuxia the fox, is not just a story of a book. This is not a simple application in an iPad. It is an adventure that can be read and lived.

Yves Therrien


With his dreamy yet to say world of talking animals in peril, Bélisle seems to stand on the shoulders of storytelling giants of The Little Prince and Fantastic Mr. Fox, at an ageless audience of free spirits. But Bélisle's innovation on the trans-medium has the potential to tower its contemporaries.


In the current digital age, is the preponderance of technology in the youth growth cycle as bad as imagined?What if parents decided to use technology as an ally in their children's education? Discover how Jonathan Belisle opens the door to this change of perspective.



Wuxia from a pedagogical point of view it is a small wonder to preserve the taste of the reading among the young people. The story is captivating and gives the chance to read aloud and be stimulated by the application that reacts.

Catherine Professor,

Externat Saint-Jean-Berchmans

Take a peak inside the book

01. The Chase

02. The Chase double page

03. Learning the symbols

04. Wuxia by the fire

05. Ancient Knowledge

06. The Rabiit

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